The Tudor Burgonet was a 16th-century cavalry helmet that was often worn with a "Falling Buffe" to protect the face. The Border Reivers of the English-Scottish borderlands were very fond of burgonets in the Elizabethan era, a result of this is that Reivers were often called steil (steel) bonnets.

The Tudor Burgonet is handcrafted from polished steel and has hinged cheek pieces, a detachable visor (falling buffe - held in place with a buckled leather strap) and brass decoration. Comes complete with separate padded lining cap that can be glued in if required.  It is constructed from 18 gauge steel and is great for theatrical use or display.

Tudor Burgonet

  • Height: 36cm
    Width: 20cm
    Weight: 2700g