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Tom Hardy stuns West Sussex festival with appearance at medieval jousting competition

‘Random day out in the English countryside nipping to the shops,’ actor wrote alongside photos of himself in suit of armour

Patrons of the Loxwood Joust in Billingshurst, West Sussex, were treated to an unlikely Hollywood performance as Tom Hardy donned a suit of armour for the medieval festival.

On Instagram, the Venom star shared a number of photos and videos of himself taking on other enthusiasts in a medieval-themed brawl.

The immersive festival features a jousting competition, royal banquet and displays of medieval weaponry like cannons and archery.

Tom Hardy (3).jpg

“This might have happened today… Random day out in the English countryside nipping to the shops,” Hardy shared on his Instagram Story on Sunday (13 August).

Tom Hardy (12).jpg
Tom Hardy (2).jpg

On Saturday Tom Hardy was visiting with his wife, actress Charlotte Riley, and their two children.

He shopped with Clive and Lucille from The Merchant Venturers and purchased two daggers and a helmet. 

"It took me a while to realize who he was" says Lucille "and I regretted not asking him for a picture!".

To her surprise Tom was at the event again on Sunday.

"You look an awful lot like Tom Hardy" she managed to say this time, to which his reply was; "that is because I am".

To her delight she did get her picture with him and was able to get some more pictures of him whilst he was entering the fight.

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