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Clive and Lucille are based in Staffordshire and share an interest in history and a passion for traveling.

Clive has been a re-enactor most of his life, but his focus is now more towards bringing authentic goods into the re-enactment scene.

Merchant Venturers started out as a hobby over 40 years ago.

From selling only glass they have expanded throughout the years into a range of interesting authentic and quality products.

Clive and Lucille of The Merchant Venturers In re-enactment custome, Napoleonic at the battle of Waterloo

Clive and Lucille are proud to say they have possibly the largest selection of historical glass outside the Czech Republic!

Outlander vessel for sale UK
The Vikings Drinking Horn for sale UK

All the glass they offer are copies of originals, all authenticated and all hand blown. They find the glassblowers on their trips to the Czech to personally get to know them and see the time, skill and work that goes into creating these little treasures of glass, true works of art.

The Merchant Venturers offer you high quality products and they strive to look for authenticity of each and every single one of these items. Many of their glass and other items are featured in Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow white and the Huntsman, and Hit Series like Game Of Thrones, Outlander, The Vikings, Witcher.

All their swords, daggers, helmets are fully functional and made of real steel.

The Merchant Venturers are one of the largest stockists of swords and reenactment equipment for sale in the UK.

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