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A woven large tapestry based on “The Accolade” by Edmund Blair Leighton (1853-1922)
In the late Middle Ages the son of a noble would serve first as page, then as squire, before being made a knight. Knighthood was conferred by the overlord with the accolade (a blow, usually with the flat of the sword, on the neck or shoulder); in the later period of feudalism, the ceremony was preceded by the religious ceremony of a vigil before an altar.
The Accolade tapestry is the sequel to Godspeed and is based on artwork by the Pre-Raphaelite English painter, Edmund Blair-Leighton and it depicts a medieval queen in a white gown embroidered with gold stands at the foot of her throne to knight a victorious warrior.

Lord Leighton (1853 - 1922) exhibited at the Royal Academy for over forty years but he was never an Academician or an Associate. Strangely, there are no modern scholarly writings dedicated to his work and he is rarely mentioned in books which discuss Victorian art despite the fact that some of his paintings such as God Speed and The Accolade hare among the most recognizable artworks of the Victorian era.

Woven on a Jacquard loom by Master weavers

Please Note:

Fabrics by their nature are flexible, during storage, humidity and temperature may occasionally affect their shape and also cause creasing. To help a tapestry hang better we recommend using a dry iron on a 'Cotton' setting. Lightly iron the tapestry from the centre towards the edges [on the face]. In very extreme cases the Tapestry can be stretched by pulling the panel gently by hand, diagonally.

Wall tapestries are woven works of art with texture not found in any other art form. The combination of the thread colors and weaves creates a unique art experience. This tapestry is woven on jacquard loom, fully lined and finished with two rod pockets on the backside so you can hang it easily.

The Accolade

  • Size
    55 inches H x 38 inches W (140cm x 97cm)
    2.6 pounds (1.2KG)