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On one side of the blade is the only known complete inscription of the twenty-eight letter Anglo-Saxon runic alphabet, as well as the name "Beagnoth" in runic letters. It is thought that the runic alphabet had a magical function, and that the name Beagnoth is that of either the owner of the weapon or the smith who forged it. Although many Anglo-Saxon and Viking swords and knives have inscriptions in the Latin alphabet on their blades, or have runic inscriptions on the hilt or scabbard, the Seax of Beagnoth is one of only a handful of finds with a runic inscription on its blade.

Our replica is very close to the original. The blade has a narrow but deep fuller. The hilt from wood is fixed to the angle with brass rivets and strengthened with two brass rings.

The blade is not sharpened. Delivery includes a solid and authentic sheath from cowhide.
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Decoration only.

Seax of Beagnoth with Leather Sheath

  • Total length: approx. 73.5 cm
    Blade length: approx. 55.5 cm
    Weight: approx. 650 g