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Rummer approx. 17 cm high green handmade glass with raspberry prunts to stem, decoration around the base of the bowl. Approx. 35cl, 11.83 US fl.oz

As used by Tyrion in Hit Series Game Of Thrones. We are so honoured that the HBO series got in touch with us to supply them with glass. 
Rummers, also known as Römers or Roemers and other variations, were large drinking-glasses studded with prunts to ensure a safe grip, popular mainly in the Rhineland and the Netherlands from the 15th through the 17th century. They lacked the flared bowl of the Berkemeyer and had much thinner walls. The hollow base was built up by coiling strands of molten glass around a conical core. Römers were quite distinct from the Berkemeyers, but both types evolved from the German "cabbage stalk" glasses which were cylindrical with prunts. Römers are usually green in colour.


  • Approx. 35cl capacity