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Very beautiful and authentic reconstruction of a medieval wooden lantern made of rosewood with original rawhide (parchment) from thin leather. The lamp consists of two hexagonal wooden plates, connected to each other by means of poles. The candle, or rather the drip pan, in which the candle stands, can be drawn upwards at a wooden pole. This way it’s very easy to light up or even to replace the candle. A smart patent, which was used in medieval times yet.
This lamp is a perfect prop for reenactment, but suits best for the home-garden as well.
The lantern has a stretcher from steel.

Lantern from wood with rawhide

  • Height: approx. 23.5 cm
    Diameter: approx. 16 cm

  • Wood, rawhide (parchment) from leather, drip pan and socket from steel