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Our pure beeswax candles are created in the North of England and are traditionally made by hand dipping.

Beeswax candles are all natural and do not produce the same toxic byproducts of common paraffin candles. Burn Moorland beeswax candles in your home to clear the air, neutralise odours and create a lovely atmosphere.

The candles come in pairs, joined by the wick. The wicks are hung on a concentric frame and dipped at intervals in the melted wax. After the candles are dipped they have to dry before being dipped again, a process that is repeated over and over again until the candle is the required size.

Twenty tons of honey produces only a quarter of a ton of wax. The beeswax gives the candles their characteristic honey colour and naturally sweet smell.

Natural beeswax can range from a creamy white to bright yellows, oranges and even dark browns. The colour is determined, in part, to how much the wax has been filtered and to the flowers which the bees have been foraging on. Our candles are made in England and the colours vary between a creamy white to dark amber.
Each layer is gradually built up so it takes time and patience.

Hand Dipped Candles from Pure Beeswax Stumpie

  • Sold as a pair. 

    Size 4" x 1 3/4"

    102 x 44mm

    Approx 12 hour burning time