This reconstruction of an early 17th c. German swept-hilt rapier has a narrow, sharply tapering EN45 spring steel blade with diamond cross-section and pointed tip. The edges are not sharpened and the blade's full tang is secured to the pommel with a steel top nut. The complex, elegant swept hilt with S-shaped crossguard and side ring is made of mild steel, as is the pommel. The grip is composed of a wooden core wrapped with alternating layers of brass and twisted steel wire. Delivery includes a wooden scabbard tightly bound in black leather and finished with a steel throat and chape.

The rapier first appeared around 1500 and remained the sword of choice of the European gentry and bourgeoisie until the late 17th century. Primarily designed as a thrusting weapon (yet still quite efficient at cutting and slashing), this one-handed, usually double-edged Renaissance sword with long, slender blade and sharp point was predominantly used by noblemen for both military and civilian purposes. Generally equipped with a more or less elaborate basket-, cup- or swept-hilt for enhanced hand protection on the battlefield or dueling ground, it enjoyed great popularity in the most varied forms throughout Europe as a fencing, self-defence or dueling weapon and eventually became a status symbol and an essential fashion accessory to any gentleman's or officer's attire.

Please note that this sword is not a battle ready weapon. It is designed as a collector's or decoration/display piece and is not suited for combat reenactment. Besides its quality as a collectible, it is also perfectly suited as a prop, e.g. to complete your costume.

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German Swept Hilt Rapier w. Scabbard, 17th c.

  • Overall length: approx. 109 cm
    Blade length: approx. 92 cm incl. ricasso (approx. 88 cm without)
    Blade thickness: approx. 6 mm / 3 mm (cutting edges approx. 1 mm)
    Hilt length: approx. 21 cm from side ring to pommel cap (grip approx. 8 cm)
    Max. blade width: approx. 2 cm
    Point of balance: approx. 6.5 cm from the crossguard
    Weight without scabbard: approx. 1.1 kg
    Weight with scabbard: approx. 1.35 kg