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Glass goblet with bowl with vertical sides, and alternate blue
and colourless applied horizontal trails, with hollow stem. 13th Century. Approx. 20 cl.
Based on a goblet from the Longmarket, Canterbury was found in a cesspit deposit dating to the late 13th century.
It has a deep, vertically sided bowl, with alternate horizontal trails of applied blue and pincered colourless glass at intervals, upon a hollow flared stem.
The goblet bowl is almost identical to a number of beakers which have been excavated from various sites in London, including Nicholas Lane and Little Britain, City, and Shore Road in Hackney. Other published beakers of this type are concentrated in Germanic regions, such as two examples from collections now in
Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, and another excavated in Breisach.
The Canterbury goblet is unique in consisting of a bowl of this type on a stem.

Canterbury Wineglass

  • Approx. 20 cl.