Light Cavalry refers to lightly armed troops whose major tasks were reconnaissance, screening, skirmishing, raiding, and communications. They used to carry a light sword like this. This Light Cavalry sword found its use mainly around 1726. It has a curved blade, which makes it easy to be carried around the waist while riding on the horse. It is completely battle-ready

British Light Cavalry Sabre - 1796 Pattern

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  • Total length: 96 cm
    Blade length: 83 cm
    Grip length:  9.5 cm
    Weight1.078 kg
    Blade thickness (base):  6 mm 
    Blade width (base):  3.4 cm 
    Point of Balance (PoB): 22 cm
    Blade: AISI 1065 High Carbon Steel
    Edge: Blunt
    Pommel: Peened
    Scabbard: Steel