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Each of these cotton leg wraps with herringbone weave is made of one piece of fabric. The seams are neatly flatlocked to prevent chafing and pressure marks. The leg wraps are tied with a plain cotton ribbon. They are sold in pairs.

Leg wraps, also known as winningas or puttees, were a staple of the Viking attire. They were wound round the leg over the trousers, from the ankle to under the knee, and were a substitute for socks. However, they were much more than a means to keep warm and were also worn to protect the legs from injury. They were used both by men and women.

This weave was often used, for example in Hedeby and Birka.

Viking Winningas, Herringbone Pattern Brown

  • - Measurements: 350 cm long, 10 cm wide
    - One size fits all
    - Available in various colours: brown/natural, red/wine red
    - Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry

  • - Material: 100% cotton