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Our Roman Gallic H Centurion's Helmet is handcrafted from steel and brass and features hinged cheek pieces and brass decoration. The crest is genuine horsehair and is removable. Comes complete with separate padded lining cap that can be glued in. 18 gauge steel construction. This helmet is an authentic replica and is popular with reenactors.
This style of Roman Legionary Helmet or "galea" dates from the 1st Century BC to the 2nd century AD. It is of the "Imperial Gallic H" type, a style influenced heavily by the craftsmen of Gaul (France). This style of helmet was no doubt worn by Roman Legionaries during Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain and was worn by the soldiers that garrisoned Hadrian's Wall.
The horsehair crest which runs from side to side indicates that this helmet was worn by a Centurion. Centurions commanded "Centuries" of 80 men but could also command an entire cohort consisting of 6 centuries.

Roman Gallic 'H' Centurion Helmet

  • Height: (including crest) 42cm
    Length: 31cm
    Width: 24cm
    Weight: 1792g