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Beautifully handmade Pewter Spoon

Hand cast by skilled craftsmen


The acorn knop was the most common of all spoon types. The acorn is a traditional symbol of immortality and was also regarded as a talisman and as a remedy against cholera and fluxes. It was undoubtedly these properties that made it so popular as a spoon.


In the later medieval period spoons were produced in a variety of materials; wood or horn for the poorer classes, silver or silver gilt for the wealthy, and pewter or latten (similar to brass) for everyone else. Pewter and latten spoons often follow similar designs and while a latten spoons would have been stronger, pewter would have had the advantage in that it could be polished to imitate silver. You will notice that two of our replica spoons have brass knops (the knop is the decorative finial), this again appears to be a form of imitation as it is known that some silver spoons were manufactured with gilded knops.


If using one of our spoons for re-enactment it should be remembered that pewter is a relatively weak metal and therefore your spoon should be used with care. If used simply for lifting food from the bowl then a pewter spoon is perfectly strong enough, if however it is used for cutting through tough food then it will inevitably break or bend – just as the originals would have done if misused!


As with all pewter never put your spoon in a dishwasher.

Pewter Spoon

  • Dimensions approx. 45mm x 152mm.