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Beautiful reconstruction of a Viking sword from the 10th century, based on archeological finds made in England.

In the 8th century already, isolated groups of Vikings would sporadically descend on the British coasts in search of easy loot. However, from the 9th century on, the Scandinavians altered their strategy and started conquering land and settling in England.

This sword is exclusively hand-crafted. The guard and the characteristic pommel with five bulges are forged out of steel. The blade is hand-riveted to the pommel. The hilt is leather-strapped. The blade has a distinctive fuller which offers both great flexibility and a lesser weight. The edges of the blade are not sharpened.

The beautiful wooden scabbard is leather-wrapped and features a wooden belt loop (max. belt width 5 cm) as well as a richly adorned brass chape.

This is the regular edition of this Viking sword.The same sword is also available as practical blunt version, with blunt edges and a rounded tip.

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10c Viking Sword w. scabbard, five-lobed pommel, regular

  • Overall length: approx. 95.5 cm

    Blade length: approx. 79 cm

    Max. blade width: approx. 43 mm

    Point of Balance: approx. 16 cm from the guard 

    Weight (without scabbard): approx. 1200 g