William Morris Angeli Laudantes Tapestry


Angeli Laudantes, a work based on the design by William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones, was originally conceived as a design for stained glass windows in the South Choir of Salisbury Cathedral. Bursting with detail and color, this tapestry is one of the most famous works derived from his designs for stained glass windows. The angels are playing upon harps of gold, with their wings and fabrics providing the eye with rich detail to behold.

Woven on a Jacquard loom by Master weavers

Please Note:

Fabrics by their nature are flexible, during storage, humidity and temperature may occasionally affect their shape and also cause creasing. To help a tapestry hang better we recommend using a dry iron on a 'Cotton' setting. Lightly iron the tapestry from the centre towards the edges [on the face]. In very extreme cases the Tapestry can be stretched by pulling the panel gently by hand, diagonally.

Wall tapestries are woven works of art with texture not found in any other art form. The combination of the thread colors and weaves creates a unique art experience. This tapestry is woven on jacquard loom, fully lined and finished with rod pocket on the backside so you can hang it easily.

Size 55 inches H x 41 inches W (139cm x 103cm)
Weight 2.4 pounds (1.1KG)
Materials 100% Cotton

Additional Info Dry clean only

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