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Valsgärde 8 Viking Helmet

This beautiful, richly detailed Vendel era helmet is a reproduction of an original find from the ship burial of Valsgärde (boat grave 8), a farm located on the shores of the Fyris river (Fyrisån) near Gamla Uppsala, Sweden. The grave is dated to approx. 625 - 650 A.D. and the warrior's helmet was placed at his feet. The original piece is safeguarded at the Gustavianum, Uppsala University Museum.

This replica is made of 2 mm steel and equipped with a chainmail aventail composed of flat riveted rings with an inner diameter of 8 mm. The plates are crafted from thinner steel (pressblech foils) and fastened to the helmet with brass stripes/bands. The crest and eyebrows are also made of brass. The intricate patterns are accurate reproductions of the original motifs. The early medieval spectacle helmet comes complete with an adjustable leather liner and a chin strap.

This helmet is designed as a collector's or decoration piece and hence not suited for combat reenactment.

Valsgärde 8 Viking Helmet

  • Inner diameter (without padding): approx. 68 cm
    Weight without aventail: approx. 4 kg
    Weight with aventail: approx. 5.5 kg
    Wearable collectible