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Hand blown reproduction of a Björknäs bottle, with glass seal on the front of the bottle. Björknäs glassworks, Värmdö, Sweden, 18th century. Approx. 70 cl. Approx. 23cm tall.
As seen in Outlander.
Björknäs glassworks was a Swedish glass mill, built in 1736 at Lilla Björknäs on Värmdö. “for the manufacture of all kinds of glassware, such as mirror and wagon glass of finer and inferior one, p. K. Kreytenglas, window glass, fine, ordinary and plain; carrageenas, flasks, bottles, pharmacy glass such as receptacles, retorts for various types of spirits ; air-, water- and sun glass, alongside wine and drink glasses of considerable sorts and size, and so forth, which may now be inventoried and manufactured.” When Björknäs was started, there were only two other glassworks in Sweden: Kungsholmen glassworks and Henrikstorp glassworks. At Kungsholmen, mainly finer glass was made which Björknäs chose not to compete with, and Henrikstorp was in Skåne and had its main market in southern Sweden. The mill was dismantled in 1785.
Our copy is safe to use and drink from, cold drinks only, not dishwasher safe.

Bjorknas Bottle With Seal

  • Björknäs bottle, with seal.

    Approx. 70 cl.

    Approx. 23 cm tall.