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Our Master of Templars Dagger is constructed in the world famous Art Gladius sword factory in Toledo, Spain. Toledo has a reputation for producing some of the finest swords in Europe and has been the centre of sword production for centuries. It features a hexagonal pommel engraved with the “2 knights on 1 horse” seal of the order and is surrounded by the Latin/Greek text “Sigillum Militum Xpisti” translating as “The Seal of a Soldier of Christ”. The leather wrapped grip features the black and white banner with cross pattée that is associated with the Templar Order. The hilt and scabbard reinforcements are brass plated and heavily decorated with Templar symbols and the Spanish steel blade is masterfully etched with Saint George and the Dragon.

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Master of Templars Dagger

  • Total length: 42 cm
    Blade length: 27 cm
    Grip length: 8.5 cm
    Blade thickness (base): 0.33 cm
    Blade width (base): 2.7 cm
    Point of Balance (PoB): 11.5 cm
    Weight: 522 g
    Edge: Blunt