Spathae are known since the Roman period and were adapted later by Germanic people who enhenced them according to their needs. A Sparta is a thrusting swords with a broad, double-edged and straight blade which were used as one-handed weapon.

Our reconstruction follows a Spatha as they were used in the Germanic settlement area from the 1st to the 6th Century, the so called Migration period or period of Barbarian invasions. The blade is handforged from high-quality springsteel and heat treated to an approx. hardness of around 48 Rockwell. The blade has got a distinctive fuller which offers both flexibility and a lesser weight. The edges of this medieval sword are blunt and the tip is rounded for safety.

Both, pommel and guard are made of riveted sheets of brass, which surround an inner sheet of cow-horn. The hilt is made of wood, brass and horn.

Including a matching wooden scabbard which is leather wrapped featuring brass mound and chape.

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Germanic Spatha, practical blunt sword

  • Overall: approx. 90 cm
    Blade length: approx. 74.5 cm
    Thickness of the blade: approx. 3.5 mm
    Width at guard: approx. 4.6 cm
    Cutting edge: approx. 2 mm for safety
    Point of balance: 15 cm
    Typification: Behmer-Type 2
    Weight (without scabbard): 1.2 kg