G206 Viking Glass with Blue Rim C 7-11th Century Medium


Viking Glass with Blue Rim C 7-11th Century Medium size, common cone shaped beaker with blue rim set in a modern stand. 15cl capacity.

Handmade mead glass with blue rim in hand-forged iron serpent stand.

The cone beaker was the most common type of glass vessel during the Viking age. A large number have been found in Scandinavia and across Europe. The following examples are all copies of finds from the Viking trading centre of Birka in Sweden.
Handmade green tinted glass and iron stand.
Glass replica of a Viking find from Birka.
Capacity 150ml (5.28 US fl.oz).

Historical glasses are replicas of glass from the 2000-year history of glass blowing. All our glasses are entirely handmade. They are mouth blown and driven with timed-cut clippings, glass threads and other decor. A sign of a handmade glass is the so-called punt mark on the underside of the glass. The soft rounded edge of the top of the glass and some variation in size, thickness and details are other signs of genuine craftsmanship.

The glass mass is specially designed to resemble old-time glass. Certain chemicals, mainly metal oxides, have been added to get the correct color scale. The glass mass contains, in different extent, small air bubbles and shifts in structure.

Each glass is unique. All these special features of historical glass mean that there can not be two identical glasses. This makes each glass a unique handmade masterpiece - just like the original glass.

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