G427 Large Medicine Bottle


Large Medicine Bottle

Blue Glass with Twist in body. 12cm High

Based on Bottles recovered from The Mary Rose

These Flasks first appear in England during the 16th C, and continue in use until the end of the 17th C. Parallels exist from France and Germany, and from Belgium, where one found at Malines has been dated to the later 15th Century.
Amongst The artefacts recovered from Henry VIII’s warship, The Mary Rose, which sank in 1545, were three of these flasks. They were found in the Barber-surgeon’s chest and may have been used to store corrosive or volatile liquids, or perhaps scented water or oils for use after shaving, as described by Fioravanti, in his ‘Specchio Universali’ of 1565.
They have been found on several late 16th and 17th C English glasshouse sites, including Hutton, Bickerstaffe and Haughton Green, lending weight to the possibility that they were manufactured in England as well as on the Continent.

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