AA3110 Crusader Sword (Brass Hilt) with Scabbard


The Crusades (1096-1272) were a series of major military actions in the Near East fought between Christian and Saracen armies with the original goal of capturing Jerusalem. Richard the Lionheart was England's most famous crusading King but Edward I also went on crusade before he became king. The Crusades led to the formation of military orders such as the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller and Teutonic Knights.

Our Crusader Sword is a product of the world famous Art Gladius factory in the historic sword manufacturing city of Toledo, Spain. Toledo has a reputation for producing some of the finest swords in Europe and has been a centre of sword production for centuries. The antique brass hilt features the cross pattée of the Templar Order on the pommel and belted grip. The Cross of St George is featured at the centre of the cross-guard. The hilt has an antiqued brass finish and cord wrapped grip. The blunt stainless steel blade features heraldic decoration and is suitable for display only.

The black leather effect scabbard has decorated throat and chape reinforcements. The throat features a heraldic lion’s head motif whilst the chape at the base features a heraldic shield design.

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