AA6906 Sir William Marshall Sword with scabbard, practical blunt


Sir William Marshall Sword with scabbard, practical blunt, SK-C
The original of this sword belonged Sir William Marshall, first Earl of Pembroke, one of the most prominent Knights of England. The original sword is now in a British Museum.
- Battle-ready Sword Category : SK-C offers re-enactment novices an affordable but still safe opportunity to own their own battle ready sword and perform first, basic exercises. The swords are ideal for anyone who would like to own a battle ready sword, but does not use it that often, e.g. for archers. The blades aren't particularly hard and during fights with a harder blade notches can occur.
- No warranty
- Blade Material: tempered Springsteel EN45
- Rockwell hardness of blade: 48-50 HRC
- Total length: approx. 96 cm

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