BH Nasal helmet "St. Wencelass"


This is an authentic replica of a medieval nasal helmet from the 10th century, found in Prague. Such helmets were worn by Vikings as well as by Normans and early crusaders, usually along with a chain mail coif.
Harold II (Harold Godwinson) was the last Anglo-Saxon King of England. He reigned from 6 January 1066 until his death at the Battle of Hastings on 14 October. He was killed fighting the Norman invaders led by William the Conqueror during their conquest of England. His death marked the end of Anglo-Saxon rule over England. Battle Abbey now stands on the site where he was killed. The place of his burial is unknown - although the discovery of an Anglo-Saxon coffin in Bosham Church (Harold's birthplace) in 1954 has led some to believe that this is where his body was laid to rest. There are very few surviving helmets from this period.

Our King Harold Helmet is based on that of another king's helmet of this era - that of King Wenceslas I of Bohemia, currently on display in Prague Castle. The King Harold Helmet features a simple dome of 18 gauge steel construction, designed to deflect sword blows and a decorated nasal bar to protect the face. It has an adjustable leather liner and buckled chin strap. Not suitable for contact reenactment.
This helmet is made of approx. 1 mm thick steel und has an adjustable leather liner with chin strap.
- Material: steel, approx. 1 mm thick
- Size: Up to 61 cm head circumference
Long distance (back to front): approx. 22.5 cm
Short distance (ear to ear): approx. 18.5 cm
- Weight: approx. 1.1 kg
- Including comfortable leather liner with chin strap

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